How to Go Solar in Style While Living in the Sacramento Area

By October 13, 2016RESIDENTIAL, solar
Sacramento Solar Style

Sunny Sacramento is a great place to live for anyone interested in making the switch to solar power. With plenty of sunny days, Sacramento residents can rack up savings and help fight climate change by using solar power.

One hurdle for homeowners, however, can be the look of solar panels arrays. Unfortunately, the typical picture many people get in their mind when they think of solar panels is large, industrial-looking set-ups.

There have also been homeowners’ association horror stories when it comes to solar power. Despite the California Solar Rights Act, which limits the restrictions homeowners’ associations can put on solar panels, many still try to fight arrays that are deemed unappealing. Within the past couple of years, multiple homeowners have faced challenges from their homeowners’ association in the Sacramento area.

Fortunately, solar arrays have gotten more stylish over the years and less obtrusive. So whether  a Sacramento homeowner is trying to retain their home’s curb appeal or dealing with a stubborn homeowners’ association, there is likely an aesthetically pleasing solution available.

Location, Location, Location

Roof mounted solar power systems are very common and probably what most people think of when considering solar arrays. There are some great reasons to go with a roof mounted system – roofs are generally unused space and tend to get more sun than other parts of houses and properties.

Despite their popularity, roofs aren’t always the best choice when installing solar panels. Depending on the roof’s shape, the solar array might be front and center, detracting from the home’s overall look. Also because of age and other factors, a roof might not be able to support a solar power system, necessitating costly home renovations before installation.

One alternative to a roof solar array is installing panels on a carport or trellis. Like roofs, the tops of trellises and carports are generally unused so adding solar power doesn’t eat up living or recreation room. The typical flat tops of trellises and carports help shield solar panels from the view on the ground. And if a homeowner wants to install a new carport or trellis to accommodate solar power, they can choose a location that gets the most sunlight.

Another option is a ground mounted system. Put in the backyard or on the edge of a large property, ground mounted systems don’t distract from a home’s aesthetics. For homeowners with enough ground space that isn’t shaded by trees or buildings, a ground mounted solar system can be an effective and non-obtrusive way to switch to solar power.

Slimmed Down Solar

As solar technology has advanced, solar arrays have gotten smaller while also becoming more efficient. Homeowners now have choices beyond large, ugly solar arrays that stick out on a house’s roof. Slimmer panels blend in to roofs more easily and don’t add as much weight to a house.

The new trend in aesthetically pleasing solar panels is integrating solar energy capturing with building materials. There are now options for roof shingles and slates that contain photovoltaic panels that make solar energy systems truly part of the house. With smaller sizes, installers also have more options on how to place the panels, making it easier to create a visually appealing system.

For more information on how to calculate solar energy ROI or to request a solar evaluation to assess your property’s ability to produce solar, contact Sunworks for a free quote.