Why the Sacramento Area Is Such a Great Place to Invest in Residential Solar

By October 17, 2016GOVERNMENT, RESIDENTIAL, solar
Sacramento Solar

The Sacramento region is one of the top locations for private property owners to invest in solar power and is poised to improve. There are many reasons for this growth, but it largely comes down to two crucial factors: the sun-soaked weather patterns of its inland location and the extremely solar-friendly political and business climate in the state of California. These major ingredients along with other factors combine to make Sacramento residential solar a very strong investment.

Sacramento is the capital of what is arguably the most solar-friendly state in the country. Because of these political advantages the city stands above other sunny parts of the country with political leadership less interested in the technology. In July, solar owners scored a huge win from the government. The California Public Utilities Commission ruled that solar panel owners would receive retail-rate credits on any additional energy that they added to the grid. While installing solar panels at your private residence was already a solid investment, this decision makes the investment even more fiscally advantageous.

PACE Program

Other programs in the state of California such as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) make Sacramento solar panel investment achievable by residents of any income level. PACE is a mechanism that is put in place to provide financing for renewable energy and energy efficient improvements on private property. This program is available to both commercial and residential property owners. Similar to the way a mortgage works, a designated government body pays for the up-front costs of the solar panel system and the property owner pays back in installments.

One of the reasons California is so keen on incentivizing solar energy across the state is the environmental benefit. The proliferation of residential solar-voltaic power has had many positive environmental effects, including a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air levels. Considering a handful of the country’s most polluted cities are in the state of California, it is no surprise that the state is working to expand solar energy.

Friendly Solar Environment

Combine the powerful political will of the California state government with one of the most naturally-sunny climates in the world and it is no surprise the state is a hub for solar companies. In fact, there are over two thousand solar companies in the state. This breeds ample competition between the many organizations, with the buyers benefiting from innovative cost-cutting measures. Solar design and installation firms like Sunworks have worked in the Sacramento area for decades and are primed to take advantage of this solar revolution.

With myriad solar-friendly policies and the blessing of an advantageous climate, it is not a surprise that solar power is very popular in the state. California boasts over 1 million homes that benefit from solar energy, with that number increasing at a rapid clip. Even the NBA’s Sacramento Kings recognize the value of solar power, as their new LEED Platinum certified downtown arena is the first professional sports venue that will be fully powered by solar energy.

Sacramento remains one of the best places in the world to make a residential solar power investment.  

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