Telltale Signs Your Sacramento Area Solar Installers Know What They Are Doing

By October 28, 2016RESIDENTIAL, solar
Sacramento Solar Installer

All over the world, commercial and residential solar installation has been taking off — from homes in the Australian outback to Yemen and Dubai. This explosion can been seen in our own backyards, as Sacramento area solar installers have begun to turn the region into a new hub for renewable energy.

California has always been an innovator and pioneer when it comes to solar: Between 2009 and 2014, solar generation increased by 1,378 percent – with no sign of slowing in sight. A recent The Next10 study pointed to Sacramento as being one of the state’s leaders in residential, commercial and industrial capacity.

Why have the citizens of Sactown turned to solar in such numbers? Possibly because local providers like Sunworks have made installation of Sacramento solar panels so inexpensive and straightforward! Here are a few ways you can be sure that your Sacramento area solar providers hare at the top of their game:

Sacramento Solar Panel Prices are at an All-Time Low

According to a recent Berkeley Labs report, prices for solar installation have been falling precipitously since 2010 — nearly 5 percent every year. Overall, solar is 100 times less expensive today than it was in the late 1970s. This has cut the amount of time it takes to pay off a solar system, dropping from 8.2 years to 7.5 years in the first half of 2016, according to the EnergySage Solar Marketplace Intel Report.

Financing Options Make Solar Available to Everyone

As residential solar takes off and prices fall, the solar becomes more affordable through the rise of financing options and full ownership. No longer seen as a luxury item, renewable energy is now within the grasp of every homeowner.

“Solar loans are becoming widely available with many more options to choose from than in the past, and declining system costs are making direct ownership affordable for more homeowners,” Nicole Litvak, GTM research analyst and the report’s author, told Computer World.

Indeed, full ownership of residential solar systems is creeping up on third-party leasing: GTM Research projects that by 2020 direct ownership of rooftop solar systems will account for 46 percent of the total market.

Solar Panels Have Hit New Efficiency Heights

Alongside falling prices, the solar panels being designed and installed are better than ever at converting sunlight into electricity. Whereas the national average for photovoltaic (PV) panels has hovered around 15 or 16 percent — meaning that 15 percent of the sun’s photons the panel absorbs and converts into electricity — new PV panels regularly boast upwards of 20 percent efficiency.

Solar Installation Is Fast and Painless

The true test of a solar provider is the speed and versatility in their installation. Most installations only take between a day and three days, with some only taking a few hours. Installations are minimally invasive and are designed to not compromise the integrity of a roof.

Sunworks is a leader in Sacramento area solar installation and all our work comes with a 25-Year Worry-Free Warranty to cover the quality of our workmanship and the products we install.

To learn more, contact Sunworks at (866) 600-6800 to set up a private consultation, or request a free quote online.